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Selling Big Bear: Theodore Trentman Wants Your Home on TV!

Video Description: Meet Theodore Trentman by clicking and watching the video above. Are you a homeowner in Big Bear, CA, looking to sell your house and showcase it to a wider audience? Theodore Trentman, the host of "Selling Big Bear" on Big Bear Television, is on the lookout for homes to feature on his show. This is your chance to not only sell your home but also have it highlighted on a popular television network available on Roku and Firestick by searching Big Bear TV , giving it exposure like never before.

Who is Theodore Trentman?

Theodore Trentman is a well-known personality in Big Bear, CA, with a passion for real estate and a flair for hosting engaging television shows. With his charm and expertise, he has helped numerous homeowners in Southern California sell their properties quickly and effortlessly. Now, he's inviting you to be a part of his show and experience the benefits of showcasing your home on television.

Showcase Your Home to a Wide Audience

By featuring your home on "Selling Big Bear," you have the opportunity to reach a broad audience of potential buyers. The exposure gained from being on television can generate interest from viewers who may not have otherwise considered your property. This increased visibility can lead to a faster sale and potentially higher offers, making it a win-win situation for you as a seller.

Highlighting the Best of Big Bear

Beyond the benefits of selling your home, being a part of "Selling Big Bear" allows you to showcase the beauty of Big Bear to a larger audience. Whether it's the stunning landscapes, the vibrant community, or the unique features of your property, the show captures the essence of living in this picturesque location. By sharing your home on television, you're not just selling a property; you're promoting the lifestyle and charm of Big Bear to viewers far and wide.

How to Get Involved

If you're interested in having your home featured on "Selling Big Bear," simply reach out to Theodore Trentman at 909-726-3129. Theodore and his team will guide you through the process, from filming your home to showcasing it on the television show. Don't miss this opportunity to sell your home in style and share the best of Big Bear with a captivated audience.


Selling your home in Big Bear just got more exciting with the chance to have it featured on "Selling Big Bear" hosted by Theodore Trentman. By putting your home on television, you not only increase your chances of selling quickly but also get to highlight the beauty of Big Bear to a wider audience. Take the first step towards showcasing your home in style and reaching potential buyers through the power of television. Contact Theodore Trentman today and let your home steal the spotlight on "Selling Big Bear!"

Are you a homeowner in Big Bear, CA, looking to sell your house? Theodore Trentman is searching for properties to feature on his show "Selling Big Bear" on Big Bear Television. Don't miss this chance to sell your home in a unique way and reach a wider audience through television exposure. Contact Theodore Trentman today to make your home the star of the show! To learn more, visit or


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