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"Big Bear Television"

Discover a whole new way to experience the captivating beauty of Big Bear Valley, California and surrounding communities with Big Bear Television. Tune in to the Big Bear network on Roku,  Amazon's Firestick TV (BETA) or on your Android devices while immersing yourself in original content highlighting the wonders and uniqueness of Big Bear and surrounding areas.


With over 85 channels dedicated to all things Big Bear and surrounding areas, our network delivers an endless array of programming. This Christmas, we will launch Big Bear TV on the IOS platform too. Simply choose a channel on the network like Feature Films or SBC Politics, sit back, and indulge with limitless viewing pleasure. 


If you've ever dreamt of appearing on Television or have thrilling development ideas to share, we'd love to hear from you. Reach out to us via text at 213-948-3165 or email Your input and participation are greatly valued. If you are curious about advertising on our network, please contact us by using the information above.

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At the Studio

Replace Your Cable Box With Roku


Roku and Amazon's Firestick TV are revolutionizing the way we consume media, rendering cable boxes obsolete. Countless individuals are abandoning their cable boxes in favor of Roku sticks, boxes, and Amazon's Firestick. This trend has reached Southern California, leading to the retirement of almost all cable boxes in the region. Additionally, Big Bear Television is currently developing relationships with major cable channels and will be expanding our offerings to include Showtime, HBO, and other enticing options to its customers.

Be an early adopter and download the FREE APPS today!


Big Bear Television is the Entertainment Capital of the San Bernardino Mountains.

We have nearly 100 channels on your ROKU and FIRESTICK devices. Android phones can also download our Big Bear TV App. Below are just a few of our channels currently airing on BIG BEAR TV. Please download our FREE APP on your TV devices to experience the full effect of the network. Also, join our blog above to keep up to date with all the new programming hitting the various channels.


Want to be considered for Big Bear TV productions? Fill out your casting form by clicking here.

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