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Introducing Timmy, the lovable 8" Black Bear Cub! Timmy is ready to be your new best friend and comes with some amazing goodies. You'll receive an adoption certificate and a special birth certificate, both with Timmy's name on them. Isn't that exciting? But that's not all! Timmy also comes with a Petopia story booklet, where you can read about all the fantastic adventures Timmy has been on. And to make sure you understand all the exciting rescue terms mentioned in the story, we've included a Glossary of Teddy's Rescue Terms just for you! To show your love for Timmy, we've included a heart pin that you can place inside your new stuffed animal or wear yourself. It's a special symbol of the bond you'll share with Timmy (or his new name) or the lucky person who receives this adorable bear as a gift. And guess what? We have two options for postage and handling, both including a customized delivery packaging. You can choose the Ground option for $10 (includes handling). It's insured up to $100.00, and you can track it too! But if you want a faster delivery, you can choose the Priority Flat Rate for $15 (includes handling). It's insured up to $100.00 as well and arrives about three days quicker than Ground. So, are you ready to bring Timmy home and embark on incredible adventures together? Don't wait, rescue Timmy today and let the fun and learning begin!


Consider adopting or sharing a life in need by visiting www.AdoptDontShop.PET

Timmy is an 8" Unstuffed Plush Animal

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Every package includes...
    1 unstuffed 8" plush animal
    1 sealed packed of stuffin'
    1 heart pin
    Booklet called, "PETOPIA" with Teddy's Glossary of Rescue Terms
    1 Birth Certificate
    1 Adoption Certificate
    1 Stuffin' Animals Customized Mailer

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