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Schools in Big Bear. Here is what you need to know.

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

Big Bear Lake and Big Bear City, California are two charming mountain towns located in the San Bernardino Mountains. Home to a wide variety of outdoor activities and beautiful scenery, both towns boast some excellent schools for their students.

The elementary school in Big Bear Lake is North Shore Elementary School, which serves grades K-5. This school offers a comprehensive curriculum with emphasis on critical thinking skills, math and science instruction, as well as other core subjects like language arts and social studies. Students also have access to enrichment programs such as music and art classes. The sports program at this school includes flag football, basketball and track & field teams that compete against other local schools. The middle school in Big Bear Lake is Pine Knot Intermediate School (PKIS). Serving grades 6-8th grade students from all over the valley area including those from neighboring cities such as Fawnskin and Sugarloaf Village, PKIS boasts an impressive array of academic programs which includes advanced placement courses in science, mathematics, languages ​​and history among others. They also offer robust athletics program featuring basketball teams for boys & girls along with soccer teams during fall season too! Popular activities offered by this school include student council meetings where kids can voice out their opinions about various topics or issues affecting them or their peers; there’s even an annual talent show hosted every year! In nearby Big Bear City lies Chautauqua High School (CHS). This public high school serves grades 9-12th grade students from several surrounding communities including Baldwin Lake Estates plus parts of Running Springs & Angelus Oaks too! CHS provides its students with rigorous academics along with plenty of extracurricular activities - ranging from choir to robotics club - so they can get involved outside the classroom walls too! Athletically speaking CHS has competitive tennis & cross country squads while offering football (boys only) plus cheerleading throughout fall semester making it one great place for any aspiring athlete looking forward getting into college level sports after graduation day arrives eventually. Overall speaking both towns have great educational options available so if you plan on moving here make sure to check out these wonderful learning centers first before anything else since they pretty much provide all you need academically wise so that your children succeed later down the road regardless how tough life may turn up being sometimes. Attn: This is a progressive article that will continue to update as new information is learned. If you have additional information you'd like to add, please add your comments below.

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