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Replenish Big Bear.

Big Bear is a small town located in the San Bernardino Mountains of Southern California. Recently, the town has been making headlines due to the successful launch of Replenish Big Bear, a new program designed to help the community become more sustainable and self-sufficient. Watch a video update by clicking here. Replenish Big Bear captures and purifies our lost water, and uses it to enhance water levels throughout the Valley. This new supplemental water source will help restore lake levels, which have seen extremely low levels over the past 15 years and were only 40 percent to full as recently as November 2018. The water will also be used to recharge groundwater levels in the Valley, which will protect our community's drinking water supply.

The program, created by local residents and community leaders, focuses on promoting sustainability and environmental stewardship in the Big Bear area. Through Replenish Big Bear, the community is working to reduce waste, conserve resources, and support local businesses. The program is also working to conserve water by using rainwater catchment systems as well as catch any waste water currently transported up the mountain. The program also encourages local farmers to use more sustainable farming practices. The program has been met with overwhelming support and enthusiasm from the local community. Residents have been actively participating in the program, helping to spread the word and encouraging their neighbors to get involved. Business owners have also joined the effort, offering discounts to those who participate in the program. Replenish Big Bear is already making a positive impact on the community. Residents are noticing a decrease in waste and an increase in the number of local businesses offering sustainable products and services. The program is also helping to create a stronger sense of community and connection among the people of Big Bear. The success of Replenish Big Bear shows that it is possible to make a positive difference, even in small towns like Big Bear. It is an example of how the power of collective action can lead to meaningful change. Updated Saturday, February 23, 2023 Project Update

The first piece of equipment for the Replenish Big Bear Pilot Facility has arrived! Nexom delivered its Blue NITE process for denitrification and Blue PRO for phosphorous mitigation.

The Blue NITE biological denitrification utilizes Centra-flo granular media filtration as an attached-growth platform for heterotrophic bacteria. Accompanied by an injected carbon source, the bacteria can thrive and fully denitrify influent nitrates and polish TSS (total suspended solids) and other trace contaminants.

Blue PRO reactive filtration will operate in the 1st and 2nd stage to achieve phosphorus objectives. The Blue PRO process utilizes injected PAC or ferric chemistry to accomplish reactive filtration for treating TSS and phosphorous and many other trace elements. Blue PRO uses 30% less chemical than comparative technologies for ultra-low phosphorous, thereby also producing less chemical sludge.

We expect the remainder of the pilot equipment to be delivered in the next month. Stay tuned! To learn more about the entire program, click here.

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