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Meals-on-Wheels Is Looking for Volunteers.

Meals on Wheels is in need of volunteer drivers. It takes about 1.5 - 2 hours a week per driver to pick up meals and deliver. Training is available. If you’re interested, call Connie Webster at: 909-809-7800 What is Meals On Wheels? A Meals-On-Wheels program is a beneficial program for many different people and communities. For seniors and those with disabilities, it provides a nutritious and affordable meal, reducing the risk of malnutrition and improving overall health. For volunteers, it offers the opportunity to give back to their community and build relationships with those in need. For community members, it offers a sense of security and support for their elderly or disabled neighbors. Meals-On-Wheels programs can also help reduce social isolation by providing a connection to the outside world for those in need. Volunteers can bring conversation and companionship, while the meals themselves can provide a warm reminder that someone cares. Additionally, the program can help ease financial burdens for those who are unable to obtain or prepare meals for themselves. Overall, a Meals-On-Wheels program is a valuable asset to any community. It provides much needed nutrition and support to those who are unable to access it otherwise, while also providing an opportunity for volunteers to give back in a meaningful way.

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