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Is your curiosity rising about our Big Bear Lake level? Here is the link to check out the stats.

Click here to see our current lake level.

Big Bear Lake, California is experiencing a welcomed sight this winter—rising lake levels! After a powerful blizzard swept through the area recently, the lake levels have been steadily increasing. The blizzard brought with it a much-needed snow, rain, and colder temperatures—all of which contribute to the rising lake levels. This is especially important for mountain towns, as snow and rain are a major source of water for the lakes, and colder temperatures help to slow the melting of the snow. The snow and rain from the blizzard were a welcome addition to Big Bear Lake, as the area has been in the midst of a drought for the past few years. The lake has been low for several years, but the recent blizzard has brought some much-needed relief. The recent rains and colder temperatures have also helped to keep the lake levels from falling too quickly.

The good news is that the lake levels are expected to continue to rise, thanks to the recent blizzard and warmer temperatures that are forecasted for the coming weeks. This is great news for the area, as the lake provides a much-needed source of recreation and beauty to the region.

Overall, the recent blizzard has been a boon to Big Bear Lake, and with the forecasted warmer temperatures, the lake levels are only expected to continue to rise.

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