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Free Event: Find Your Forever Love In SBC

Big Bear City, CA - San Bernardino County is hosting a no-cost pet adoption event at the Big Bear Animal Shelter in Big Bear City and the Devore Animal Shelter in Devore. During this event, cats and dogs of all ages will be available for adoption free of charge. Animal shelters throughout San Bernardino County have seen a sharp rise in animals needing homes due to overcrowded facilities. The no-cost pet adoption event is being held as an effort to help reduce the population at these shelters by placing pets into loving homes. Click here to preview the dogs and cats now. Those interested in adopting a cat or dog are encouraged to visit either shelter before February 15th, 2023. Dogs must remain on leashes while cats should be presented in carriers during their visits with prospective owners. All adopters are required to provide proof of address and valid photo identification prior to taking home their new family member(s). There is a two pet limit on adoptions. Spaying/neutering services and vaccinations through the County's participating veterinary clinic is included. For more information regarding this current No-Cost Pet Adoption Event or other animal welfare programs throughout the county, please visit either animal shelter today or preview the animals by clicking here.

Is Adopting A Pet A Good Choice For you?

Introduction Adopting a pet from an animal shelter is a great way to give an animal in need a loving home. It can be incredibly rewarding for both the adopter and adopted pet, but also comes with many considerations and potential setbacks. From safety protocols to financial costs, this article will examine all aspects of adopting a pet from an animal shelter; highlighting pertinent information that should help prospective adopters decide if this is the right option for you. Safety Protocols at Animal Shelters Safety protocols are in place at animal shelters to ensure the health of animals and people alike. All visitors must go through proper screening before entering the premises such as filling out paperwork, being interviewed by staff members, or wearing protective clothing depending on their specific purpose there. Additionally, most shelters have strict cleaning procedures that include disinfecting surfaces before and after each visit as well as regular vaccinations given to all animals living within its walls. As such it is important that any would-be adopter understand what safety measures they may encounter while visiting their local shelter prior to making any commitments. Potential Expenses When Adopting From an Animal Shelter The cost of adoption varies based upon individual circumstances but typically includes items like spay/neuter fees (if applicable), vaccines/medical exams, microchipping/registration fees etc.. On top of these expenses one must also factor in additional costs associated with caring for their new companion such as food supplies (which vary greatly depending on size/breed), grooming supplies (including brushes & shampoos) toys etc… Furthermore if the new addition has special needs due to age or illness then further medical care may need purchasing which can add up quickly over time so it is important for any prospective adopter to keep this into account prior making any decisions about adoption. Potential Setbacks When Adopting from An Animal Shelter There are several potential drawbacks when choosing adopt rather than purchase your next family member including: unknown history - some pets may have been exposed to certain diseases or even abused prior coming into contact with humans meaning they require extra patience; difficulty bonding - since much less time goes into training animals at shelters compared private breeders it could take longer form pets bond with owners; emotional stress – some dogs especially those who had remain caged large periods of times might display signs aggression brought on my fear thus requiring specialist attention overcome these issues properly handle situation going forward safely. Conclusion Adoption offers unique rewards allowing individuals provide homes abandoned creatures however decision not taken lightly . Above mentioned factors only represent few elements consider when deciding whether adopt from animal shelter worth effort involved, yet essential checklists both parties involved ultimately make informed choice regarding future relationship between human and pet! Click here to adopt a cat or dog for free today.

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