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Free Bald Eagle Live Nest Cam in Big Bear. This is CAM you just have to watch.

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

Big Bear Lake, California is home to a thriving bald eagle population, and now visitors can get an up-close view of their nest with a live nest camera. The eagles have been living in the area since they were reintroduced back in 2006. The Big Bear Eagle Nest Camera was installed earlier this year by Friends of Big Bear Valley (FOBBV), an organization dedicated to preserving the natural beauty of the valley through conservation and education. The camera allows viewers from all over the world to watch as two adult bald eagles named “Freedom” and “Liberty” nurture their chicks throughout the season. Since its launch, thousands of people have tuned into FOBBV's YouTube channel for daily updates on Freedom and Liberty's progress raising their young ones. Viewers can also join weekly chat sessions hosted by FOBBV staff members who provide educational information about these majestic birds. In addition to watching via livestream, local schools are using the opportunity as part of their science curriculum for students who lack access to field trips due to Covid-19 restrictions. Teachers are able to lead lessons that help bring nature into classrooms around Southern California while teaching important facts about our national symbol—the Bald Eagle!Thanks to technology advancements like this live nest camera, we can appreciate these beautiful creatures without ever having leave our homes or disrupting them in their natural habitat.

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