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EV Charging Stations in Big Bear?

Click here to see the current locations of public EV charging stations in the Big Bear Area or simply scroll to the bottom of this article about the important of adding EV charging stations to cities across America.

By Theodore Trentman Tuesday, March 28, 2023 Cities across the country are making a commitment to a cleaner future by investing in electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. With more people investing in EVs, cities are making the necessary infrastructure investments to make these vehicles a viable option for their citizens. The benefits of investing in infrastructure for electric vehicles are numerous. As the cost of powering an EV is much lower than that of a traditional car, investment in EV charging stations can result in significant cost savings for the city. Additionally, this investment can promote economic growth as it encourages more people to purchase EVs. More importantly, investing in EV charging stations can also have a major impact on the environment. As electric vehicles produce zero emissions, widespread adoption of EVs can result in a cleaner and healthier atmosphere. This means fewer emissions-related illnesses and better air quality for all. The commitment to electric vehicles is not just about the environment, however. Cities that invest in EV charging stations are sending a message that they are serious about promoting the health and well-being of their citizens. This commitment to green technology can be an important factor in attracting new businesses to the area, and it can be a sign of progress and growth. For cities looking to invest in electric vehicle charging stations, the cost can seem daunting. However, some cities are finding creative ways to fund these projects, such as creating public-private partnerships or taking advantage of grants and rebates. As more cities continue to invest in EV charging stations, it is becoming increasingly clear that electric vehicles are the future. By investing in the necessary infrastructure, cities are demonstrating their commitment to a cleaner and healthier future. Sierra Blue Suites - Tesla Destination 563 lynn rd. Big Bear Lake, CA 92315 Level 2

BIG BEAR BARTLETT 2 654 Bartlett Rd Big Bear Lake, CA 92315 Level 2

BIG BEAR PENNSYLVANIA 1 40857 Pennsylvania Ave Big Bear Lake, CA 92315Level 2

BIG BEAR PENNSYLVANIA 2 40940 Pennsylvania Ave Big Bear Lake, CA 92315 Level 2

LULUBELLE'S EV STATION 1 31621 Pleasant Dr Running Springs, CA 92382 Level 2

RW Ranch - Tesla Destination 8088 High Rd Lucerne Valley, CA 92356 Level 2

Oak Glen Preserve 39611 Oak Glen Rd Oak Glen, CA 92399 Level 2

Lake Arrowhead Village - Tesla Supercharger 28200 CA-189 Lake Arrowhead, CA 92352 DC Fast

Lake Arrowhead Resort & Spa - Tesla Destination 27984 Highway 189 Lake Arrowhead, CA 92352 Level 2 Also, many rental homes in Big Bear have chargers available. If you are renting a home in Big Bear, ask your home owner for details. Airbnb's website also allows you to search their home inventory by homes that provide EV chargers.

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Mar 29, 2023

Just drove by the HomeStreet bank, through a lot, in fact. There are two loop ev charges with 4 pumps between the two. However, the signs entering the lot read that the lot is for clients only. This is a deterant for any ev owner not banking with them. Furthermore, the pumps are located in front of the bank in front parking spaces.

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