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Big Bear City is grappling with its trash.

Big Bear is grappling with its trash reputation as winter approaches, prompting a proposal for a Clean Bear Site in the East Valley. County Supervisor Dawn Rowe offered support for a two-year pilot program, funded by transient occupancy tax, aiming to address three main issues. First, short-term rentals and second-home owners contribute to overflowing trash carts and long lines at the transfer station. Second, wildlife poses a problem, as animals often disturb trash cans. Third, the state's green waste separation mandate complicates trash disposal. The proposal has community support, with concerns about the November board of supervisors election impacting the project's fate. Long-term sustainability and suitable locations for the Clean Bear Site remain key considerations. The Community Services District Solid Waste Committee is exploring options, collaborating with Rowe's office, and seeking community input in its early stages. To learn more, read this recent story in The Grizzly.

Big Bear City Dumpsters
Big Bear City Dumpsters

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