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Bruno, the German Shepherd, is a magnificent creature who captures hearts with his striking appearance and unwavering loyalty. Despite the hardships he endured, his spirit remains unbroken, and his eyes illuminate with a gentle warmth that yearns for love and affection. With his noble stature and regal gait, Bruno commands attention wherever he goes, a testament to his inherent grace and strength. His sleek, well-groomed coat shines with a rich blend of colors, accentuating his noble features and adding to his captivating charm. As you gaze into his deep, soulful eyes, it becomes evident that he possesses an indomitable spirit, forged through resilience and the desire to find a place he can call home. Bruno's journey from abandonment to the search for a loving family is a testament to his enduring spirit and unwavering hope. It is my sincerest wish that Bruno finds his forever home, where he will be cherished and adored for the incredible canine companion he is.

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San Bernardino

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High Kill Animal Pound

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+1 (909) 645-1415



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All animals are available for adoption or rescue. So, if you are interested, go direct. "Make A Pledge" is a feature used to encourage animal rescues (a 501c3 nonprofit) to save the animal appearing in the photo on this post. If the animal is rescued, you will receive an email with the rescue's name, a photo of the rescued animal out of animal pound and links to information about how you can honor your pledge. Pledged money is used to get the animal medical attention, boarding, spay/neutered, transportation and other activities involved with rescuing an animal. Pledges are not given to private individuals. Our website merely gathers your pledge information, shows a running total of pledges, and then sends out one email on behalf of the rescue agency. If the animal is adopted or killed, you will not receive an email pertaining to your pledge or the animal. Pledging saves lives. Each dollar brings an animal rescue one step closer to saving the life listed here. 
On behalf of the animals, THANK YOU!

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