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The Lake Is Worth The Hype in Big Bear

Big Bear Lake, California is a popular destination for those looking to experience all the fun activities that can be done in the water. Whether you’re fishing, swimming, boating or just relaxing and taking in breathtaking views; Big Bear Lake has something to offer everyone.

The lake itself is located near the San Bernardino Mountains and offers an abundance of outdoor recreation opportunities such as camping, hiking and skiing. The lake is also home to Big Bear Dam which helps regulate water levels in the lake while providing stunning views from its observation deck. This dam was completed in 1929 with help from local Native Americans who provided labor for its construction. The dam not only regulates water levels but it also generates electrical power for Southern California Edison customers. Boating enthusiasts will find plenty of options at Big Bear Lake including kayaks, stand up paddleboards (SUPs), motorboats and sailboats. There are multiple marinas around the lake offering rental boats as well as slips if you have your own boat or want to keep one there year round. Some popular spots on the lake include Boulder Bay Park where visitors can stop by for some fishing or take a swim near shore; Pine Knot Park which features sandy beaches perfect for sunbathing; Fawnskin Beach with sandy shores ideal for picnics; Metcalf Bay where swimmers can enjoy clear waters perfect for snorkeling; Holloway’s Marina offering pontoon rentals plus services like repairs and maintenance; Pleasure Point Marina boasting amazing sunset views along with boat rentals and other services like fuel sales and supplies: And finally Windy Point Campground featuring incredible mountain vistas along with full RV hookups plus daily boat slip rentals available during summer months. In addition to these marinas there are several other businesses associated with Big Bear Lake ranging from restaurants specializing in seafood dishes prepared fresh daily right off their dockside patios too retail stores selling everything from souvenirs clothing apparel too nautical equipment accessories needed on any voyage out onto this beautiful body of water! With so many different types of activities offered here visitors will definitely never run out of things do while visiting this picturesque area nestled high up amongst majestic mountains towering above crystal clear blue waters below creating memories they’ll cherish forever.

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