How I created my 1st yard sign to fight against Big Bear's Measure O and Alan Lee

I just ordered a customized yard sign for my yard. I'm praying to God we defeat Measure O which encourages neighbors to mistreat their neighbors by treating them as 2nd class citizens. As a Christian who loves his neighbors, I am going to vote NO ON MEASURE O to protect my neighbor's jobs, home owner rights, and overall well-being. Measure O defunds our local police officers, fire fighters, schools and our local business community. It was authored by a greatly deceptive man who recently moved to Palmdale, CA from Atlanta, Georgia. His name is ALAN LEE. And yes, you heard me right. Alan does not live in Big Bear Lake. He has deceived our community to believe he lives here by simply purchasing a home. Alan lives with his family in Palmdale, California. Alan serves on the Big Bear Lake City Council after receiving less than 300 votes. Alan was recently escorted out of a Big Bear Lake City Council Meeting by an ARMED GUARD after causing several disturbances during a public meeting.

He has been accused of harassing several of our City Council members. Matter-of-fact, Frank Rush, our previous City Manager, was harassed so much by Alan Lee he resigned. Yes, he quit because of Alan's harassment. Alan has the tongue of the devil and has been deceiving our community now for 2 years as a City Council person. Alan has been lying to our neighbors too. He started a door-knocking campaign stating he is proud of authoring Measure O which defunds our working class. Alan is a proud Democrat and is hoping to attract more residents who live on different types of public assistance. He wants to turn our homes into Public Housing and force home owners to accept Section 8 housing. He ignores the Economic Impact Study which predicts a job loss of 2100 jobs from the Big Bear area if Measure O passes. You can learn more about the campaign to recall him at (.) You can learn more about Measure O by visiting Whether you are here today to make a sign to help kick Alan Lee's butt to the curb or to make a yard sign to protect us from Alan Lee's Measure O, thank you for making your opinions known. Here are the steps I took to make my own signs for my front yard for less than $20 a sign...DELIVERED! The more signs you purchase, the lower the cost per sign. 1. Go to this website by clicking here. 2. Create your sign. If you want to use the sign I created, you can download the design and upload it to Crazy Cheap Political Signs by clicking here.

3. Pay for your sign. Here is a snap shot of what I was charged including taxes and shipping for my ONE sign.

4. If you are interested in ordering more than one sign and placing them in other people's yards, text me at 213-948-3165. I'll make sure your signs get into other yards. #RecallLee #MeasureO #NoOnOBigBearLake #NoOnO #AlanLeeBigBearLake

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